Apartment Fire Fighting & Fire Drill – Video

We recently had a fire drill and fire fighting infrastructure demo in our apartment complex (Celestial Greens, Bangalore). Though this was not our first fire drill ever, this time around we got more community participation and interest from people as they become more and more aware of fire hazards – probably due to the Carlton tower fire memories and our own incident of a Mahindra Scorpio on fire in our basement parking area.

I thought of compiling a video (Yes, I am hooked on to video creation these days as I learn more about editing) of the fire drill. In order to set the context right and for the sake of completeness, I decided to merge all those clips that I had taken along with some graphics and clips that I got from the web. In addition, from the 10 odd fire drills and demos that I have gone through at various work places helped me to add additional fire safety information.

So here’s the video. Please go through it and let me know how you find it.

Apartment Fire Fighting

Though, the above video was specifically made for our apartment community, I believe that it may be useful for most apartment communities in India. Feel free to share this video on social media or by email if you found it good.

(If the embedded video doesn’t work, watch the fire fighting video on my Youtube channel)

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