Chicken Grill in OTG – Indian Style Chicken Grilled

Grilling lip smacking chicken in the Oven (OTG) is not all that difficult. Here’s how I do the Indian style Chicken Grill in OTG using the rotisserie setting in the electric oven. For your records, I use a Bajaj Majesty 3400TMC OTG that I purchased for Rs. 5500/- some five years back and it still works like a charm.

Oven grilled chicken


Whole chicken (without skin, guts): 1 Kg
(Live chicken weighing 1.5Kg will get you 1Kg meat after cleaning)

Salt: 1.5 teaspoon

Crushed pepper: 1.5 teaspoon

Chili Powder: 1 tablespoon

Garam Masala: 1 teaspoon

Ginger-Garlic Paste: 1 teaspoon

Lime Juice: 2 tablespoon

Yoghurt (Curd): 2 tablespoon

Sunflower Oil: 1 tablespoon

Melt Butter: 3-4 tablespoon

Method of Preparation

Clean the chicken well and drain off any water. Using a sharp knife make a few parallel shallow cuts or grooves on the fleshy parts of the chicken (i.e. on thighs, leg, front rib etc).

Mix all ingredients except butter together and apply well on the chicken inside and outside. Keep it marinated in the fridge overnight. Yes, a minimum of 12 hours is needed for all that flavors to get in and the chicken become really tender.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Skew the chicken on to the rotisserie, tighten the clamps and grill it at 200 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Keep applying butter on the chicken every five minutes. You can see the butter as well as any remaining fat on the chicken getting melt and dripping down there by making this preparation a highly healthy chicken grill variation. Unlike Tandoori chicken or other barbeque recipes, there’s no harmful carbon content in this preparation.

Once done well, enjoy your Indian style grilled chicken with your favorite drink, salads and carbs.

(Note: At the end of 25 minutes, if it is still not done, you may want to keep for another five minutes at 200-225 degrees. To check if it’s done well, create a deep cut in the fleshiest part and verify that it’s not pink near the bones)

In Pictures

whole chicken without skin

spices for chicken grill marinade

marinated chicken

chicken grill in OTG oven

Oven grilled chicken

Try out this super delicious and tender grilled chicken yourself and let me know how your variant turned out to be.

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  1. I was taking a check on the recipe while having a beach vacation at malay… it came handy with the ingredients we had around…. thanks bro..

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