Chilli Vodka Cocktail recipe

I am not a daily drinker. However, I like drinking as and when I feel like enjoying it – usually 4-5 times a month.

At times, I also like experimenting with new and new cocktail recipes. Well, I do not have a bar setup at my home and hence most of the time it’s done without proper bar equipments. This time around the experiment was with Vodka – though I am not quite a Vodka fan.

Chilli Vodka

Add a length-wise split green chilli – stem and most of the seeds removed – into 60ml vodka. Pour 75ml sprite or 7-up into it and stir well. Pour this into a salt-rimmed cocktail glass that’s half filled with crushed ice. Put a quarter of a sweet and sour lime into this. Fill the rest of the glass with some club soda or sparkling water. Enjoy!


3 Replies to “Chilli Vodka Cocktail recipe”

  1. I think sprite should be more than 75 ml. Sprite should be more and soda should be comparatively less. At least thats what i felt when you made the same when we got together sometime back.
    Its a good drink !!

    1. @Manu, It depends.. if you want more sweetness we can add more sprite 🙂 But again we have to reduce ice and soda in that case… Anyhow, it’s an experimental stuff and has to evolve based on taste.. So when are we having next? 😀

  2. A little quantity of tobasco sauce in this will be very good. The glass rim should be wiped in salt before filling things.(spread salt in a paper and wet the glass rim and wipe the salt) cheers.

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