End of Michael Vaughan’s career?

Michael Vaughan’s career seems to be coming to an end soon. Following a poor run in the last few matches and loosing the first two home tests to South Africa, things could not have been any worse for him. Stepping down as the test captain should be a succession+retirement plan devised by the ECB.

There were a number of issues that prevented Michael Vaughan from becoming a great test player. His career, that was started a little bit late in his mid twenties, was always marred by his infamous knee injury. Also, I thought he was not a great believer of spinners and Monty Panesar took some time before getting the nod. As an ODI player, he was a mediocre performed, probably he should not have played ODI cricket at all!

The only reason for anybody to remember Michael Vaughan may be due to his team’s famous Ashes Victory (Recovery) in 2005. In fact, I doubt if Michael played any major role in that – it was Flintoff all the way then!

I hope that England finds a suitable test captain soon. I doubt if KP could be one as I always thought he could be a great ODI and Twenty 20 captain! Burdening him with the test captaincy could spoil his test career! Flintoff has already proven to be a bad captain and a bad boy off the field as well. I feel that if Andrew Strauss gets back to form – he’s showing those intentions – he should be made the test captain and KP the ODI captain!

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