India’s outting in the Kiwi land…

Recently I was talking to one of my friends who happens to be a great Indian cricket fan.

Definition of Indian Cricket Fan: Somebody who enjoys batsmen under all conditions, but particularly savors flat pitches. He doesn’t care if Zaheer Khan or Javagal Srinath get trashed, break their backs and get no recognition as long as his favorite batsmen have trashed opposition bowlers on his favorite flat pitches

Now coming back to the topic. This person claimed that what we have today is the best cricket team in many years and they will trash the Kiwis. I gently reminded him that many of our recent heroes have won great matches played in the sub-continent alone. I also told him that even many of those technical correct Indian batsmen from the past did not shine in the New Zealand and over importance given to Twenty 20 cricket has actually managed to make cricketers fish brains because they always think for short term.

What we saw in the first Twenty 20 matches is exactly this short thinking problem. If you hit two or three sixes in a row, doesn’t mean that you should hit the fourth one for a six as well. Yuvraj Singh may have done it on his day but that doesn’t happen every day! Gautam Gambhir may pull bowlers mercilessly in India and Sri Lanka but some of the New Zealand wickets are slightly different. And for god’s sake, don’t blame it on conditions. The lack of confidence and patience were visible on the Indians’ faces.

If they have forgotten what had happened in the 2002-03 series, I have a tip for them. If they can – if it’s possible at all that is – try to save as many wickets as possible for the first half of the game. All your heroics can be tried later on the show. If they learn to do this, chances are they may win two or three ODIs and manage to draw the test series. If not, they may get trashed in Twenty 20 matches, ODIs as well as test matches!

And stop blaming the conditions! If you want to be the best side in the world, you should prove yourself in all conditions! Flat pitch bullies!

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