Passport Seva Kendra Review – Exceptional Service Quality

Updated 26-Sep-2014:
Well, the post title still belongs to the old post (scroll below for the old Passport Seva Kendra Review)! It’s unbelievable how things have taken a U-turn with respect to the PSK service since my last review more than three years ago. Yesterday, I had my passport renewal appointment at the Marathahalli PSK branch again and I had to spent exactly 5 hours before formalities were completed but not before witnessing some argument between officers and the frustrated citizens.

Although I have already explained the procedure earlier (scroll down), let me summarize the steps and problems faced at the PSK offices once again here.

Problems that you face at every Stage

After taking the online appointment and uploading the documents, the following are the stages that an applicant has to go through.

1. When you show up at the reporting time, you join a queue outside the building and the security person checks your printout with an ARN number to make sure that you belong to that particular time slot and date. This phase hardly takes 15 minutes assuming that you are reaching 10-15 minutes prior to the reporting time.

2. After you are allowed in, you join the one of the token counter queues where your documents – photo copies are quickly verified, a physical file is created and a token issued. There are separate queues for normal applicants, passport denied in first chance and senior citizens/women with babies etc. This desk is handled by TCS employees and your token is issued within about 15-20 minutes.

3. You now enter the waiting lounge which has reasonable number of seats for you to relax. There are minimal refreshments and water available here. This is an improvement area as applicants have to spend hours together in the building. From the waiting lounge, when your number is called out (as well as displayed on LCD), you enter the ‘A’ counter. Another improvement area is the way token number is coded. They are coded across several categories S, N, T, W etc and nobody knows why it has to be so. That has to be purely internal matter and not something that the common man should know. Further, there has to be audio announcement due to which people have to stare at the monitors for hours together. There is photocopying facility available here as well.

4. The ‘A’ counter is where you have to submit all your documents, old passport (if any) and a system file is created for your application. Your photo, thumb impressions and signatures will be taken here and majority of the system activities happen here. This is again handled by TCS and they have deployed 20-24 people in the ‘A’ counters. The process is smooth and pleasant TILL ‘A’ counter. You may spend hardly 10 minutes till here. So till ‘A’ counter, you would have spend a maximum of 30-45 minutes and you would naturally expect things to be completed in another half an hour BUT you are in for surprise!!!

5. ‘B’ Counter or verification counter: After, the ‘A’ counter procedures (TCS staff driven procedures) are over, you suddenly enter a place where you have to stand (another improvement area – very minimal sitting facility for about 20-25 people where as about 150 people are standing there). The number of ‘B’ counters are only 6 off which usually only 3 operates. This place belongs to the government staff who verifies all your documents, photocopies and passports and supporting evidence if any. Since about 24 ‘A’ counters suddenly converge into 3 ‘B’ counters, you can imagine the mess there. You typically end up spending 1 to 2 hours in this counter. It was two hours in my case! And sometimes, the staff – one person especially – even shouts at you if you miss your turn (which will be again inserted into the queue within a few minutes and hence none of his worry. He’s anyhow, not holding any physical file as you are doing it. Everything appears on his screen as per the token)

6. After your documents are verified, you move to the ‘C’ counters where passport granting takes place. There are four such counters operational and they are all manned by ‘very old government staff‘ who takes minutes together to do small things on the computer. As we were standing, one of the old ladies at the counter went for lunch to come back only after one and half hours. People literally shouted at her! This counter along with the ‘B’ counter is a huge improvement area. By the way, if you have a passport issued in Bangalore, instead of the ‘C’ counter, you will be sent directly to the Assistant Passport Officer’s cabin (AP01 counter) for faster approval.

7. AP counter: This is a relatively fast process as passports issued in Bangalore, will be granted pretty quickly for renewal. He’s a nice person and seems to be doing his job diligently without any fuss. However, to get your turn called at the ‘C’ counter or ‘AP’ counter, it takes about an hour (sometimes more) again. Your physical file is taken back at AP or C counters after approval or rejection.

8. Finally, you exit at the ‘Feedback’ counter where you will be issued a receipt for your reference and you wait for the police verification, if any and the passport to finally arrive. Surprisingly, the security lady there demands for a feedback and says ‘feedback’ is mandatory!!!

(New) Pain points – Summary

  • I am not sure why the process is still asking for two photocopies each of your documents in documents while they take only one set of copies. What a waste of paper!
  • While the photo quality taken at the counter is good, why not allow uploading of your good quality digital photo along with your online application? They have to verify it anyhow at the counter
  • Some of the government officers at the ‘C’ counter need to be replaced by young people. They are too slow for this job – further, there has to be backup available when someone go on leave
  • The token announcement must be available in audio and streamlined to call out just numbers not coded (as in S, N etc). Nobody can stare at the screen for 3 to 4 hours from weird angles while standing in that crowded office
  • More number of seats need to be provided at the ‘B’ and ‘C’ counters than the waiting lounge itself because that’s where you end up spending 3 or 4 hours.
  • I personally do not understand the need to have ‘B’ and ‘C’ as separate counters. Ideally, the government process should be done in one step as verify and grant. Looks like, it is maintained only for historical reasons or to protect certain job grades!
  • Provide an easy way to make corrections and typos. Although, I submitted the online form with corrected names, for the renewal of passport, they said they will continue with old names despite having supporting documents with me!!! Strange….
  • Aadhar validity: Biggest pain point. If you have got an Aadhaar card if you have cut it across the line as the government suggest to make it a proper card, beware! The passport officials will ask for the remaining portion of the Aadhaar to consider it valid for identity or address proof. That’s really height of it! Some people had to go back because of this issue

That’s pretty much cribbing for now. My knees are already swollen and paining after standing at the PSK yesterday for more than five hours…

The old post continues…

Today is an memorable day for me as a citizen of India. On this day, I experienced the best ever quality service possible from a government organization i.e. the Indian Passport application via the Passport Seva Kendra in Marathahalli Bangalore.

The Passport Seva Kendras are part of the pilot project by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA_, Government of India. This project aims to speed up and simplify the passport application process and is now available on a pilot basis in Bangalore and Chandigarh. Applying the passport online is better than ever before and I will tell you why.

The new smooth process of Passport Application – Online

The following is what I had to do to obtain passport, for my children, online.

Step 1: Go to India Passport Website and signup for a user account. Make sure that the Date of Birth of the applicant accurately – this will be matched against the appointment later.

Step 2: Download the eFile PDF application form and fill in your details offline. In the offline PDF form itself you can validate your entries and once you validate it you will get an XML file that you can upload to your account. In addition you have to upload the scanned copies of your address proof, date of birth proof etc. For every category of applicants (e.g. children under 15, NRI adult etc) there is online help available as to which documents are required to be uploaded.

Step 3: Once the valid documents are uploaded, take an online appointment for your nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). In Bangalore, the Marathahalli Passport Seva kendra is supposed to be the best. You will usually get an online appointment within 10 days of uploading the application form and supporting documents but you also have the option of walking in the very next day.

Step 4: On the appointment date, be present 10-15 minutes before the appointment to first validate your appointment at the security gate. Remember, you DO NOT need to carry your photograph copies. After the appointment validation, you obtain a system token and wait in the lounge to be called. The token numbers are displayed on large LCD screens and that tells you the impressive speed at which they handle their customers. You ideally will not wait for more than 15 minutes before your number is called out. Move to the desk number – there are more than 50 of them and provide your photocopies there. If you forgot to take photocopies, you can obtain high quality photocopies in the lounge at Re. 1 per copy.

At this desk, you will pay the fees, take your thumb impressions and the digital photo. The desk assistant then will bundle all these together as a neat file and you have to proceed to the passport official who will check the originals against the copies.

As the last step, the grant officer (Assistant Passport Officer, I think) will grant you – or seldom reject – the passport. You can check the status of your passport application online as well. Before moving out they will hand over an acknowledgment to you.

Typically kids passports are sent out within 3 business days and adults’ (or wherever police verification is required) within 5 to 7 business days. And that’s extremely fast!

What I liked about the Marathahalli PSK and overall service?

  • Well trained, young and extremely friendly staff at the front desks. They are very well motivated as well, even the security guards there are friendly
  • Extremely fast handling of files from desk to desk
  • Priority queue for the physically challenged, senior citizens, pregnant ladies etc
  • Very good infrastructure – including photocopy service, sitting lounge, display/announcement systems, paid parking and number of desks
  • The online systems are more or less bug free and functional most times. It’s developed and supported by Tata Consultancy Services, I was told

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience – a pleasant surprise really.

Improvement areas

There are hardly any improvement areas. However, I thought, once you already submitted the documents online, they didn’t have to reload them once again. I saw the lady doing it once again. Perhaps a bug?

While in most cases, there are only 3-4 documents required, sometimes it could be 5 but the online system allow uploading of only 4 documents per passport application form. Also, the address line length in the online form is slightly short.

At the moment, there are four such PSKs in Karnataka. I hope that every state will soon get 4-5 PSKs to make the passport application process smooth and super fast. We, Bangaloreans are privileged for now.

Final Thoughts

Having lived in Bangalore for more than 12 years, I have been a big fan of Shri. S.M. Krishna since he was the Chief Minister of the state. Now, I am extremely delighted that his leadership in the MEA has resulted excellent improvement in the passport application process. I wish him and his team the very best and a big THANK YOU for making our lives easier.

For those who are in Bangalore, I suggest that you visit the Marathahalli PSK than the Lalbagh one which is still building some of the facilities I hear.

Way to go MEA!

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  1. @khushi, In my case as well it took longer than the promised time – but it was only around 10 or 11 days. This number should come down when they optimize the system.

    1. I do not know guys in which country you applied passport. i struggling to get appointment online, i am getting it after 45 days itself. come on give me a break. it is pure bull shit created by indian goverment, there is no walk in at all. i finally approached Main RPO, I reached there to get a token 6 am in morning, then after waiting for 3 and 1/2 hour, RPO said there is no walk-in avaliable, i must take appointment even it is Tatkal, i think guys you better chaeck it again. Govt sucks too much. Still i dont see any way to do this in 10 days, it seem i have loose good oppurtunity of my life.

      1. If you apply via Tatkal, by no means it can exceed 10 days even with the old process. You have been misled by someone and I don’t know why you went to PRO.

        It’s easier to to keep blaming a government of 130 crore people for each and everything. You sound like yet another Software guy who wants to do everything at the click of a button without having the patience to even wait in a queue.

  2. hey ppl, passport seva kendra is bullshit.. i think govt office was better. Only online appointments allowed( that is to ease their typing job), i.e no walkin allowed. you try to book an appointment you will find that the next one is months away. God save tatkal ppl if they dont get appointment.. And the best part, PSK is partially run by Tata Consultancy Services and Govt Officials. These TCS ppl think they are big models and Rampstars and keep showing off( even though they are good for nothing). Govt officals by default suck to the core.

  3. I too agree with Kiran, the system dosent fit for urgent needs, for ex: I am on vacation and want to renew my passport, unfortunately I am not getting appointment, every day the system hangs between 8:00 AM to 8:20, by the time all slots are full. I gave up, dont think I can renew my passport here. I will go back to UK and do the same. I think Ajit is not aware of latest updates. Now tatkal appointments is open by 8:00AM 50slots per passport office.

  4. @Suresha, @KP and @Kiran,
    I am very sorry to hear about the state of affairs with the PSK which seems to have changed in the negative direction in the past six months. Obviously you guys went through a different experience than I had initially. Looks like they are not able to cope with the volume like any Indian government to citizen service.

    I am sorry for my comments to Kiran… when several people faced issues, there must be something really wrong with the way PSK is running now.

    Let us hope that the system improves soon.

  5. Hi Ajith and every one

    I tried today also and failed one more, it’s pathetic situation that I am not able to renew passport, in my own country because of the failure in system. System just hangs or just loged out or error or all sort of problems. Call center is of no use and walk-in are not allowed. I cant see any forum to discuss this as well. Comparing this I salute Indian Railways. If you know any workaround to get my passport renewed please reply.


    1. Hi All,

      I agree with KP and few others earlier who have had difficulties getting appointment. I am usually in favour of Govt mechanisms and understand challenges they face. However, PSK is in shambles!. Similar to KP, for my passport renewal can’t get online appointment, can’t go as a walk-in and call-center guys hardly speak well (I guess 3-4 people I spoke to were not well trained or it was their first day at the job) and overall services are poor. Also, I understand we can’t may use of agents that otherwise in the old system was very useful if you were in a hurry. Because of this problem I had to cancel two business trips recently and it is ridiculous to tell your passport renewal takes time (~60 days) to your clients. But looks like I have to take the long winding route of waiting for a general appointment available after crazy 45 – 60 days waiting period.

      If anyone even has a clue how to get about this “Appointment” hurdle and can get passport re-issued within 10 days, please let us know. It would certainly be great help to us.


  6. Hi Guys,
    Was just going through all the posts and wanted to add that I was in the same situation. I had been to PSK Lalbagh on 30 Mar and was told by the security guy that we need to take an appointment. There is nothing like walk in and this has been scrapped after 15-Aug-2010. I came back and was browsing the site where it is clearly mentioned that an applicant can walk in if he wants to save time. No idea whats the correct process????
    The security guy told me that we can get the dates only after 2 months and when I enquired what do Tatkal guys do, he told me that people pay Rs 2500 for early slots…..

    Have any of u guys tried the toll free number???? You will come to know about the pathetic situation of our govt…..

    I have sent a mail to the helpdesk asking for the correct process.. Hope to c a response..

    But ultimately the most pathetic process!!!!!


  7. Hi All,
    Same situation here I have been trying to get appointment for tatkal service for last one week , I log in at at 7:50 am and try till 9 am . In all my attempts
    site just fails to respond after 8 am and comes up by 8:30 am but by that time all the tatkal slots are booked .
    it is been a frustrating for me for last one week and also eveytime I call customer call center they have same answer we are working on it.
    Sometimes I feel like someone is blocking the site after 8 am to sell those tatkal slots, why not if there is demand for tatkal anyone from PSK who is close to that server can make business out of it.
    Anything can happen in this our corrupt country

  8. Hi,
    Any tips to book an tatkaal appointment??I have been trying to book one from the last 1 week and have been unsuccesful…As the previous posts, the website gets hung and works at 8 30 when the slots are already booked…Please help…..

    1. 9620229621 contact this guy for annexure F and any type of PSK appointments(tatkal and normal),he is really fast and can save you a lot of valuable time. I got my sister’s passport appointment within 3 days.

  9. Me too. Unable to get an appointment for the next 60 days at either Lalbagh PSK or Sai arcade PSK.
    Can one not walk into the main passport office and submit a hardcopy application? How do people without internet access manage. Any pointers?

  10. The online system is a defective one. I had to create three profiles to submit my final application. I have applied under tatkal and have been try to get an online appointment for last one week without any luck. Now you can not walk in to PSK without appointment. You have to take an appointment for tatkal application one day prior to the actual appointment date.

    The system opens up at 8 am in the morning for tatkal appointment.It takes 20 mins to load a page and by the time you go to the appointment date page it says no dates are available. I believe this system is not designed to handle the load for heavy concurrent users. The system designed by TCS is PATHETIC. I want to say it in bold and all caps.

    I am not sure how to get an appointment now. If anyone knows anyway out please do let me know. I am really getting frustrated every morning.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. I can understand your frustration because I have been through this for one week. Finally I gave up and walked into GOA passport office and I got my baby’s passport with-in one day.

      One of the problem I faced while booking tatkal appointment was it used to show time slots but if i click on any of those slots it used to say not available , if they are not available why it is shown as available.

      I have seen similar efficient online booking systems in UK when I was booking for my driving test, they show available time slots and also if your click them they keep you allocated till transaction is complete.

      1. Thanks for your reply Vijay. FInally I was able to get an online an appointment. My experience inside the PSK is not bad. It took two hours or so to get the approval for the passport. One thing I have noticed while TCS guys comes to work by 9 am our respected Govt. Officials do not turn to office until 10.30 or so.

  11. Hey All,

    Looks like the online Tatkaal slot booking opens up at 9AM, and not 8AM. This is mentioned in The Hindu article from the ‘Update on 28-Apr-2011’ above.

  12. I have to file two application (one for wife renewal and other for fresh passport for kid). Boht this forms are supposed to be filled using single login user (I have both of them in draft version). Can anyone let me know whether i have to schedule different appointment for each applicant (one of wife and one of kid). Is it possible to take one appointment and submit the application for both of them at PSK counter?


    1. MT,
      In my case, I created different profiles for kids passport and submitted them separately. And I took two appointments on the same day half and hour apart. However, the PSK people helped me with both appointments on the same counter and that was fast. When you see your call for the first appointment on the LCD screen, just go in with both the kids to the counter mentioned. They should help you out.

      1. Ajith,

        I’ve two kids. I need to get them fresh passports.

        Did you create the profile in your kids name or your name? Could you please let me know?


  13. Hopeless…It was far better erlier without investing 1000 crores by indian govt.

    This project is a money making understanding between TCS and some of the top govt offls and political system.

    In a country where Coroprates are deciding the protofoliios given to a minister what else we can expect

  14. Got my passport re-issused today (approved that is)!

    I had written earlier that there was no appointment available for next 60 days (beyond which it is not possible to book) at any of the 4 PSKs in Karnataka.

    I complained to and they wrote back that:
    “process of online appointments is being restructured which shall help the citizens, please refer to the ‘News and Announcements’ on home page of our website: This is to further inform you that Regional Passport Office do not accept the form for passports”

    I looked at the News and Announcements and from 26th April 2011 they had started releasing extra appointment slots every morning at 9AM for the next day. This is for both normal and tatkal. Even though during the day, everything was booked for next 60 days, when I tried multiple times at 9AM, I was finally able to login at 9:20AM and book an appointment for the next day!!!

    And this is for normal and not tatkal channel!

    So today I arrived at 8:15AM for my 9AM slot (reporting time 8:30AM) and there was already a queue. However, things went smoothly from here on, and I got my passport approved for renewal and was able to leave by 11AM.

    There are four stages:
    0) casual pre-screening
    A) TCS customer service representative will screen documents, scan and upload them, take your pics and fingerprints
    B) Passport office verification officer will verify documents
    C) Government official will approve.

    There was one glitch though:
    On the website, it stated clearly that if you are a student outside your home city, you just need a letter of residence from your college for your present address and address proof for your permanent address. But on arriving, both at 0 and A stage, I was told I needed two address proofs for my present hostel address. Just the letter from my institute would not do. On asking they said it was because my old passport was issued from Lucknow (WEIRD!). Fortunately, I also had a bank passbook proof for my present address.

    They also needed a xerox of my ID card even though I was only going in for passport re-issue. I didn’t have it and though they have a xerox machine within the compound, the person manning it was not around and they would not let me use it. So I had to run out and get it xeroxed from a nearby shop. Fortunately they waited for the ten minutes this took.

    They’ve approved it on post-police verification basis, though it may still take time if they first need to retrieve my old file from Lucknow… maybe they have the info online? Will know depending on the time it takes to get the passport (it’ll be sent by speed post).

  15. Hi All,

    I have an appointment for passport renewal in PSK, Sai Arcade. I have a query regarding address proof. Is HDFC bank’s one year statement alongwith Bank covering letter accepted as address proof at PSK, Sai Arcade. PSK call center guys are saying it is accpeted as an address proof but at the sametime they mention final decision lies with PSK. Does anybody know here whether sealed and signed private bank’s one year statement alongwith covering letter is accepted as address proof in PSK.


    1. @Jitender,
      Bank pass book with two xeroxes of past year’s transactions, + front page having a/c no, name and address worked for me.

      HOWEVER, if your old passport is issued from outside Bangalore, they will require TWO address proofs. Mine was from Lucknow, so they asked two address proofs during re-issue!! So be ready. And do post your experience if two proof were required or not.

      BTW, renewal is the term to extend validity of short-term 1yr passport. Re-issue is the correct term for getting a new passport after your 10/20-year old passport has expired. You get a new passport during re-issue but same old passport during renewal!

    2. Yes, the accept HDFC 1 year bank statement with covering letter as address proof. Mine was approved today. They will take the original covering letter.

  16. Hi Ajith, is it ok if we just submit the application form without uploading the supporting documents?. I am unable to book an appointment in any of the locations present online. Since four days i am trying and not successful. Any suggestions to book an appointment? I am booking for my son who is 2 months old.

    1. Hi Prashanth,
      Yes, you can submit the supporting documents on the appointment day and even you have options to change the details of submitted application form.
      I got a Tatkal appointment for my 2 year old daughter in the second attempt. Try at sharp 8:00 A.M

      In case Any one producing the GAS connection as a proof of address, don’t forget to carry Recent Receipts(Gas Refill receipt) with out which they will not accept.

    1. Online appointment really sucks. I dont know why they dont have an option of getting appointment after 30 days. I am trying from past one month, and for god’s sake am not able to get a single appointment. When I call the tollfree number, all they say is those few sentenses, they have mugged – “try on a daily basis. try at 8:00 AM. blah blah..”. They dont talk anything other than this! And I cant go directly to PSK. Please allow me walk-in atleast to get an appointment! What should be done in this situation..? waiting for ever, trying the same thing every day.. I cant take it anymore. Please advice if somebody has any idea what to do.

      1. I understand your predicament. I was also trying for a long time. But then I got this news that there are also slots released at 9AM. So next day, I kept trying at 9AM to login for 20 minutes but there was always some error (site overloaded I think). Finally at 9.20AM I was able to log in and get appointment for next date. There is no walk-in for appointment. You just need to keep trying at 8AM and also at 9AM. Tell us how it goes…

  17. Guys, finally i had my experience of PSK. Since it was reiisue of passport for me, I can compare this latest PSK process with earlier old process of apllication. I found PSK porcess much more systematic and well managed. There are three rounds. First round (handled by TCS hired people), they will collect all the proofs, scan them, upload them, photograph you and take fees from you. Second round ( I think handled by low grade level govt. officials), only proofs rechecking. Third and final round (handled by senior govt. officials like Passport Officer grade level people), proofs rechecking and decision on passport issue/reissue/renewal.
    For address proof, they accepted one year HDFC bank statement alongwith bank covering letter.
    Note:- Even HR letter for address proof on letter head of reputed companies like Intel, Cisco etc. also works.
    These days at around 9:00am everyday, free slots are floated on PSK site for appointment booking for next day. These include both normal and tatkal. I also booked this normal appointment one day before at 9:14 am.

    Since my birth place is Srinagar, Jammmu & Kashmir, result of all rounds was: passport application granted but passport will be reissued only after police verification(pre-police verifcation case).

    If anybody wants to know more, just let me know. I want to know, how many days it takes for pre-police verification. It has been more than one week but till now i haven’t heard or been contacted for police verification.

  18. Hello Jitendra,
    You have mentioned that two add prrod required ,can you tell me which 2 it is. and let me know if you have anything to share about 1 year validity passport that i have and expired 3 years back now i have upoaded the form and want my wife name to added as well.

    1. Hello Amit,

      U don’t need two proofs but in some cases they might ask for supporting proof. In my case, I had taken HR letter mentioning my present address on Company Letter head. But i was not sure that it will be accepted as I don’t work in Govt. Company. So I also took HDFC bank one year statement alongwith bank covering letter mentioning my adress and account number.
      In PSK office, address verification person told me my company letter head address proof alonwith my company ID card xerox copy is enough. They told me they accept reputed companies like Intel, Cisco etc. letter head address proofs. So they accepted only company letter head address proof in my case. No need for Bank statement proof in my case.
      To add wife’s name, u need either marriage certificate or affadavit for ur marriage.

      1. Hi Jitender,

        Since they accept Intel and Cisco, I hope they will accept from IBM as well. One thing I would like to know is do they accept soft copy or it has to be a hard copy with a sign and seal cuz normally in MNC’s its difficult to get a hard copy


  19. Hi, I am trying to book an appointment online, but not able to. When i called that toll free number they asked to try at 8.00 AM. i started trying from 7.50 AM but nothing happenned. It always shows “no appointments slots are available for the selected PSKs” . I dont think the site is actually working 🙁 . Someone please let me know is there any other way to book an appointment?

    1. Hello Jitendra,
      I am also planning to apply for reissue of passport. Can you tell me if you have got your passport? The site claims it will reissue in 15days, but looks like it is taking longer for you. Since I need to travel soon I am thinking of applying for tatkal.

      The quality of the website is very poor. I have been trying for 1 week to fill the form, but it keeps giving me errors like page cannot be displayed, server closed connection etc and the saved information sometimes disappears. Logging itself is a huge effort as most of the times it gives this error. I have not been able to complete form filling process.

      Can someone tell me if the situation with respect to getting appointments improved? When is the next available free slot?

  20. Hi, I need to get my wife’s passport re-issued. She is staying with me here in Bangalore for the past 8 months. Prior to that she was in Hyderabad. So while submitting address proof, should we submit proofs for the Hyderabad address too or just the Bangalore address would do? Currently I am planning to submit the address in my Passport (Bangalore address) as the address proof, but since I am mentioning in the application that she was in Hyderabad prior to September, 2010, I am worried whether they would want me to produce an address proof to the Hyderabad address?

  21. Hi

    I was a little shocked to see so much of negative feedback about the new system. I for one did not face any issues. I went just yesterday (Jun 14, 2011) for a passport for my 1 year old daughter, after procuring appointment on the previous say (Jun 13), my husband logged in at 7 am and got a slot for the immediate next day pretty easily. I guess speed of your network also matters? Not sure. Once there, we found everything to be very well organized. Movement from one counter to another was pretty fast (file movement is automated), the guys seemed very well trained in their jobs and at handling people, and it didn’t feel like a government related process at all, if you know what I mean 🙂
    We went for Tatkal we have been told we will get the passport in 5 working days. I guess making sure all documents (address proof, parents’s passport, Birth Certificate, letter from company on company letter head, in our case) are in order helps, and logging in as eary as possible might be the key to get an appointment. Good Luck!


    1. @Sajitha,
      I had an exceptionally good experience with Passport Seva. However, there was a bad time after I wrote this review where people never used to get appointments (That’s when I put those red updates). However, a lot of backlog has been cleaned up now and you seem to be one of the beneficiaries of the same.

    2. sajitha can you please tell me whether you needed any affidavit signed by a gazetted officer for the tatkal scheme? Have you got your passport?

  22. Hello,
    I would like to share the positive and negative feedback for PSK. below is my findings:
    1)Its very easy to fill the form and get the appointment. I just tried at 8 AM and got appointment at 2:15 at saiarcade. I reached there and entered into the office after showing the print copy of appointment.
    2)I was in queue for almost 30 minutes and reached to the token counter and he checked the document and asked me to get more photo copy of my highscholl certificate.
    3)I mooved to the next counter and had almost 30-40 min again to reach to counter A.i was surprised to see the waiting room and cafeteria and other facility(washroom was having satandard like we have in MNC).I was called with my token and reached to counter A. exceutive checked all document again and found my mother name is incorect and corrected as per my old passport.(i was littile sad as i mentioned incorrect name of my mother).
    he has taken fees and scaned all documents and asked me to wait for next counter.
    3)After again 30-40 in i reached to next counter(even though token is shown on screens eventhough guys are calling your no in very good manner.i finished counter B in 10 minutes. there is nothing much to do at everything already been covered at counter A. They just cross verify.
    4)after some time i reached to counter C and he dint take more than 2 minutes to except my profile.and finally i moved to exit where executive give me acknowledge ment.
    I have realy good time there and happy that executives from TCS are realy good(in my case counter A has beutifuly lady and processed everything smoothely. she was so beutiful that i dint forget her as of now heheehhe)
    I mmidiately i found that my satus is”police verification intiated and passport will be dispatched after verification”.
    The most painfull thing is its almost 10 days but still my local police station doesnt recive my file from SP office. and i am visiting almost every day there.

    Only police verifiaction thing is pathetic and that doesnt come under the TCS contract so i found TCS has done realy great job and i hardly belive that it is governemnet office after seeng the faicility there.
    My suggestions is if goverment do something to make verification littile fast the entire process will be like eating butter.
    Please share your feedback and if have any query mail me at
    Amit katiyar

  23. Hi All,
    Here is some food for thought,
    Due to some complications I had to visit PSK 4 times and RPO once just to get application granted.

    It’s a harsh but the truth is C counter officers are not even aware of the Rules in Book.

    Another important thing I notices is… some how there is no order in which they call the tokens after A counter.

    There is a glitch in the system. Yesterday few of us were made to wait for more than 2 hrs for C counter, where as few ppl got through in a jiffy.

    I just got the application granted in normal for re-issue, I donno what’s next.

  24. PSK is just pathetic. The entire passport dept is filled with incompetent people. I am having sleepless nights because of them. First of all I had to pay some person to get an online appt at the Marthahalli PSK office for my daughter’s passport. We were on a vacation and it was expiring. That site does NOT WORK FOR NORMAL CITIZENS. The call center is bullshit and its just a bunch of idiot parrots who are of no help.

    It took 4 hrs within that building. We had all the documents and they did not have any problems and accepted. We paid the tatkal fees and when asked the officer said the white lie “You’ll get it in 3 days”. Its been more than 10 days and he status still shows “processing”. How incompetent. Now my husband and I are back in US and our daughter is in India with our parents waiting for the PP. This is making our entire family suffer.

  25. Hi,
    Can any one pls tell me what is the best time to login and to get for an online appointment.

    I have been trying for months and not getting the same.

    1. Najmul,

      Appointments are not available for booking on saturdays and sundays. You need to try only between monday and friday.


  26. Hello everybody,Is there anyone who applied passport in PSK in June and got police verification call done as of now. I am little worried as i applied on 6th June and status shows verification sent to SP office but still nothing happened.
    I use to visit police station but nothing happened.
    Please share your exp to us.

  27. Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for the info 🙂
    I tried in the morning and got the answer in the morning itself

    I will try in the Monday and will post my response.


  28. Hi Gopi and others,

    I have got the appointment for tomorrow under Normal category.
    Pls wish me luck 🙂


  29. Hi,
    I have applied on 26th May, Police verification done by local PS on 10th June 11. Even after 2 weeks, the website shows that “verification sent to SP office”. Any idea How looooong this can take?

  30. Hello All,

    I want to share my passport experience today(28/06/11)
    I had applied for Normal, reissue.
    My appointment time was at 2:15 pm and the reporting time given to me 1:45 pm.

    I reached PSK Lalbagh at 1:30 pm.There was a huge queue and everyone in the queue was for the same slot.

    Finally after waiting for 20 mins, I reached inside where a guard checked my bag.

    There were several inquiry counters and I was shown an inquiry counter where 3 or 4 ppl were standing.The lady there checked my documents, verified with originals and the appointment time and gave me a token number receipt and told me to go inside.
    Time spent at the counter 10 mins

    Inside : There was a waiting room with 3 – 4 displays. after waiting for 15 mins, my number was called and I moved to counter A. TCS executive checked my form which I had filled online, scanned my documents, took my photograph, finger impressions and collected the money and handed me the acknowledgement slip.He kept everything in a brown file and wrote a number on the file and told me to move to Counter B and told me that I will be called as per my initial token number.
    Time spent at counter A was 20 mins

    Counter B: The maximum number of crowd was here and so much chaos.
    There were only 2 displays, I checked and saw that my number is way too ahead(100 numbers).After waiting for 2 hours
    my turn came and I moved to counter B, where I greeted the govt official lady, she verified my documents
    and told me to move to counter C, token number was same.
    Time spent at counter B was 10 mins

    Counter C:
    On moving to Counter C, again it was very chaotic and the official there told me to sit(there were less chair and more number of people standing).Since I was sick, down with fever, I couldn’t stand any more and sat on the floor.Every single person over there started staring at me as if I have committed a murder! After sitting on the floor for another 10 mins, my token number was displayed on the screen and I moved to the counter, where again the lady cross verified the documents and after doing that, she cancelled my passport and told me to collect my acknowledgement slip.
    Time spent : 5 mins

    I moved towards the acknowledgement counter where the person gave a slip and the guard collected my acknowledgement slip which was fed to the IR and the guard asked me to enter my feedback.The system was not accurate and was not working properly.I was not well so, I left it as it is and came out.
    Time spent : 2 mins

    Pls note, following were the documents which I carried along with me

    a)Degree certificate original with photocopy
    b)Old passports with first, last and ECNR photocopies
    c)A letter head from my current bank stating my present address
    d) My last 6 mnths bank statement
    e)2 BSNL bill(present year and last year) along with its photocopies
    The TCS exec said that I will receive the passport in max 40 days.Hoping for the best.
    I hope that my experience will help others too.
    If any one has any query, feel free to write to me at I will be happy to help.

  31. Hi,

    I am trying get online appointment from last 2 months, but couldn’t get any appointment. Passport seva kendra web site says that “No appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment another day.”

    And there is no option to change the date(request for another day). I sent an email and contacted many times to call centre, those people says, you need to get appointment online only,and they sont have any alternate you dont get appointment.
    Any suggestion/help!!


  32. Hi Dilip and Abhishek,

    I, was also facing the same problem but I tried exactly at 8 am for appointment.
    I must request you to try exactly at 8 am(Monday to Friday)

    Im sure you will get the appointment.

  33. Hello everyone,
    I have applied my passport in PSK marathalli on June 6 and as of now there is no update from police. I have already visted Police station many times but nothing happened.
    I have below qureys:
    1)Shall i approach to PSK or SP office. Please share sp office if anyone have gone through the process.
    2)Shall i wait some more time to see if it comes directoly to PS.



    I am terribly confused with this Seva Kendra for Passport. It says only online applicants who have scheduled an appointment can go to the Seva Kendra.

    I went to this link

    to register myself. But here I see a NOTE: which basically says

    Note: Passport Seva Project is currently operational only in Bangalore , Chandigarh , Madurai and Trichy. Facility of user registration for submitting passport application online is currently available only for applicants residing under jurisdiction of Passport Offices (POs) Bangalore , Chandigarh , Madurai and Trichy. This facility will be available for applicants all over India soon.

    I live in Tirunelveli where they have opened a Seva Kendra from June 30, 2011. And Seva Kendra states it only allows online approved appointments.

    But how in the world can I apply for Online Appointment when only Bangalore, Chandigarh, Madurai and Trichy applicants can enroll ???

    It is a CATCH 22 situation. I cannot apply for Online appointment because I do NOT live in Bangalore/Chandigarh/Madurai/Trichy, but since the Seva Kendras only allows Online approved applicants with appointment , I cannot apply for my passport at the Tirunelveli Seva Kendra….

    I am still wondering how these applicants managed to obtain Online Appointment for Tirunelveli Seva Kendra !!!

    See this link here….

    It clearly states

    “a good number of passport aspirants thronged the new facility in the morning itself with the registrations made online.”

  35. My experience at PSK was quite good. I got the appointment on 5th July, I applied for tatkal passport at marthahalli PSK. The whole process took less than 40 min at PSK and after 3 days, on 8th July, I received the passport. I am really happy with the service.

  36. Just choose the jurisdiction properly. For Tirunelveli, it will have to be Madurai. So when you choose Madurai from Drop Down, you will also see all the PSKs that are under Madurai.

  37. @Dilip : Congrats. Did you applied in Tatkal ?
    I still haven’t received my passport.I had applied for renewal on 28/06/11 under Normal.


  38. I applied for normal passport for my 2 kids on 21st june 2011. The entire process at passport seva kendra, sai arcade took just 1.15 hrs. There was no police verification for minors and I got their passports yesterday.


  39. Hi Dilip,

    Earlier the status shown on the passport website was Passport application has been granted to applicant on 28/06/2011.

    and now its showing the status as Passport application has been granted to applicant on 13/07/2011.
    My status for police verification was ‘Post verification’.

    Any idea ?


  40. @Najmul, I dont really know. My status for police verification was also “Post Verification” and I thought that was because of Tatkal. Going by Gopi’s comment, his application was on 21st June and did not require any police verification and he got passport yesterday. Since you applied on 28th and require police verification, I suppose you could wait for a few more days. I remember PSK had a toll free number. Hope they can help you.

    1. hi all . am planning to get passport for my two years old son at madurai passport center . i don’t have any address proofs other than icici bank statements and covering letter . since address in my passport is Chennai ,will this alone be sufficient

  41. The following was my experience at the PSK-Lal Bagh Road
    Please try to login using only using only Internet Explorer, as I noticed that Chrome etc don’t work for this.
    With effect from 17th September 2011, Normal and Tatkaal appointments as applicable will be released at 6 PM instead of 8 AM, No walk-in applicants will, therefore, be allowed except in emergency cases
    You should login at around 18.00 hours (6 pm) as they open the online booking at 18.00 hours Sunday to Thursday (as they do not work on Sat/Sunday, they do not open for booking on Friday and Saturday)
    Please take a print out of the Bar-coded, online submitted form receipt without fail and photocopies of all documents (should be minimum 1 year old from date of issue) like
    1. Online submission form receipt with Bar Code etc, Address proof (DL, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Voter Card) (No need to upload any documents, you have to carry copies with you and also the originals without fail).
    2. ID Proof (PAN Card, Authenticated Bank Statement-with Bank Seal, and sign with your account details and branch details clearly shown-Minimum 1 year statement)
    3. Educational Certificates
    4. Annexure E if you want a modification in your name, like small correction in spelling etc. (I will upload this format separately also available in the passport booklet for Rs. 10/)
    5. Please avoid touts and others, the process is very easy and user friendly, Help Anna Hazare to fight corruption, do not entertain touts and others, thanks for supporting Anna
    5a. After the initial screening you will be sent in to the ‘A’ counters where your # will be called, if it takes an inordinately long time please ask the staff as you may have missed it when it was called, and they will put it up once again.
    5b. After the ‘A’ counters you will be passed on to the ‘B’ counters where again your number will be called and after further screening and verification/scanning of all original documents along with photo capture and finger printing/biometrics etc you will be sent to ‘C’ counters
    5c. After the final approval in the ‘C’ counters you will need to collect the acknowledgement from the exit counter without fail. This is mandatory no matter at what stage you leave the PSK (sometimes you may have to leave it at A, or B stage to get more documents, however, you need not book an appointment to come back once again on the same day or on another day)
    5d. They say that you will get the Passport in 15 days to 30 days by speed post/courier. I will update this post further at a later date.
    6. Please upload your helpful suggestions and experience in all Govt offices to help other new applicants, this is our way of giving back to society.
    7. My experience with the staff at PSK-Lal bagh road was very pleasant and though I spent the better part of the day for each of our applications along with my wife and two children I must say that the Government employees and the TCS staff and also the Security personnel were all very helpful and friendly and I congratulate the trainers and the staff who have worked tirelessly to provide this type of impeccable service when the demand is so high. The systems in place are excellent and on par with international standards.
    8. Please feel free to call 1800-258-1800 supposedly toll free for any enquiries.
    9. All above information is correct as on 17th Sept 2011, please check for changes and updates before you experience all this yourself

    1. tnx krishna fr ur valuable was really helpful as i am also going to PSk ambala fr my passport…congrts to u fr this gr8 post.

      can u plz tell me that in how many days PSk ambala(@lal garh road) take to process and complete a passport applicaton as i want to have passport in 1.5 months. so should i apply normally or tatkaal ??? tnx in advance

    2. Thank you Krishna for sharing your experience. It definitely helps the new applicants on what to expect and what might have changed since this article was posted.

  42. How many photocopies (of each of the document required) did they ask for?

    For address proof, do they accept company HR letter on company letterhead?

    If I submit bank statement for one year and if that statement is around 30 pages long, is that ok?

    Thanks for the nice writeup. Very helpful.

  43. The passport seva kendra is joke. Just before my job related business travel, my passport got damaged with water and i was advised to apply for a new passport. The idiotic so called “APO” was so short sighted and filled with ego that he kept saying “for damaged passport i cannot issue another passport in tatkal..what do you people think of yourself… and he went on with lot of things like that”. Actually it is ridiculous, they issue fresh passports under tatkal but for damaged passports where every detail is alright except for the staining of passports they refuse to issue the passport. no wonder india is in the dumps. the people who make the rules do not understand why they do and the people who need to understand and act fairly refuse to do so. i am sure india will be mired in this bueracratic red tape till the rule of the land goes back to some westeren powers.

    1. Hi,

      Sad to hear your experience. I was thinking of applying for a duplicate passport myself but after reading your comments I get a feeling I’m better off with the slightly smudged passport that I have and might just try my luck with the same.

      Could you please let me know how long did it take you eventually and which PSK office this was? (Coz I think they seem to be misinformed as the website suggests replacement of passports can be applied in tatkal).

  44. I had applied passport one month ago,but the application status is showing like passport apllication under review even though i had submitted all the documents,i would like to know what it mean by?

    1. Hi Deepthi,

      Is there any progress regarding your passport. Even I am seeing the same status “passport application under review”

    1. I applied for my new passport on 09/07/11 from Head Post office, Auraiya (Uttar Pradesh-206122) with Speed post to Lucknow passport office Gomti Nagar with the Track Number of speed post EU804213325IN. I never got a file no. from RPO Lucknow, there is no information since then nobody responds phones which are given on website. My details are as follows :

      Name : Saurabh Upadhyaya
      Father`s Name : Sr. MP Upadhyaya
      DOB: 26/01/1984
      Passport Form No : 533383
      Speedpost Track No: EU804213325IN Date : 09/07/2011
      Draft No : 036951 Date : 8/7/11

      It is requested that kindly look into the mater and take necessary action to issue my passport at the earliest. I need my passport urgently.

  45. It has become like booking tatkal ticket in irctc. I have been trying for last several days to book an appointment. The site doesn’t respond due to load and when i finally get access to the booking page, the appoint gets full.

  46. Yes i am also trying for so many days to get appoinment but i am not getting. The concept is really bad its not like first come first serve. Whoever having luck on the day will get appoinment that is really bad. Can anybody give me gud suggestion to get appoinment pls.

    1. Hey ….guys have patience for appoinment…io know this painful…but it works…i tried booking appointment three times..and in the 3rd change i got the appointment.,….but login to application around 5:50 and go to appointment booking page sharp 6PM….apart from this time you will not be able to get the appontment…and
      a word of advise…Dont go to those Agents (buggers)…you can get it online easily..
      Agents are demanding 1500 and 2500 for normal and tatkal appointment…
      Cheers !!!

  47. Hi guys,

    I visited PSK, Lalbaugh road,Bangalore. But got very terrific experience. It seems full corruption is going on. What is ministry of External Affairs doing??? Are they blind or they are full corrupted??

  48. Yeah….in their earlier days the PSK service and all… is good… and now … I dont think so… its corrupted I guess.. u find agents.. evn for online appointments… imagine how corrupted it is…

  49. This new system of appointments is very very bad & useless. there’s no first come first serve basis. all the appointments are hogged by agents whose only work is this. Other people can’t do that. Whoever thought of this new system must be very foolish.

  50. Hello,You have only completed 50% of the process by submitting the application and became fan of Krishna. I have felt same once i applied in June2010 but still my status shows verification sent to Police and passport would be dispatched after verication and belive me noone has any update.
    What is the use of such online system where i have to move to get staus from police station to SP office,/passport office.
    I am not sure if others face this issue but i am sure i not fan of anyone for such a nonsense process to get passport.
    Though its just renewal of short term passport that i fogor to renew within a year cause it has been permitted for one year only.

  51. We, husband and wife, both age 58 years, filled up our PP application forms and booked the appointments ourselves online at home, visited the PSK at Lalbagh Road in Bangalore on 17 Jan 2012, spent around 4 hrs inside, went through all the counters / stages smoothly. Found all participants, right through the security personnel to TCS staff to Passport officials, helpful. We are mistaken if we expect them all to give smiling service like in hospitality industry.. it is a huge quantity work, dealing with thousands of people every day and same sets of documents and monotonous machine operations. It is natural that they all keep cool face while dealing with us.
    Regarding online appointments, we found a trick.. try only for the late afternoon slots in your first attempt, and 9 out of 10, you will get the appointment.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thank you for that tip on getting the easier appointment slot in the afternoon.

      And as you rightly pointed out these people are dealing high volume of people and data and we need to anticipate some delay.

      Best regards,

  52. Thanks for your acknowledgement. I have some more to share, if they are of any use. Wherever 12 month’s bank statements are presented as address proof, I found the TCS staff insisting on an accompanying covering / enclosure letter from the concerned bank on its letterhead. The reason being that mere computerised bank statements don’t carry complete details of the branch, address, Bank’s LOGO / security features etc.
    Regarding name change affidavits, I found the TCS staff clarifying to some that if the change is minor, ad in only one newspaper is enough; if the name change is a major one, ads in two newspapers are a must.
    I didn’t find such precise prescriptions on the Government Website, but they were insisting on the same.

  53. Hi,
    has any tried taking an appointment for Hubli passport seva kendra. I have been trying since 2 months. My parents were suppose to visit my brother, whose wife is preagnant. So he sent an invitation letter for visa and passport purpose. After filling all online process, m not getting appointment. Every day it says log in next day at 6.00pm, and every day i sit infront of computer exact at 6 pm. But again the same story. frustuated, now my brother is flying back to India with his wife. my parents have decided not to apply for the passport and always pray that next time they better be born in some other country, but not India.

  54. Hi,

    It is very frustrating to get the online appointment, from past 15 days iam trying to get the appointment at differnt intervals of time including 6 PM many times.. till 6PM it will show pls try afet 6PM & after 6.05 PM it will show “Currently no appointment slots are available for the selected Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Please try scheduling an appointment from 04/02/2012, 6:00 PM onwards”

    Minstry of external affairs issued circular to apply only in online for security resons or with the agent (you all know y agent?)… My question is what type of methods Minstry of external affairs really adopted in passport offices? to get any appointment itself the applicant need to keepon trying everyday @ 6PM or whatever the timing without knowing or sure of getting online appointment on perticular day..? why not this ministry give appointments on a perticualr day based on the application received, why they are causing this nuisance to applicants?

    Can the Minsitry or passport officials take any acation to provide better solution this problems? or they will still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………

  55. My experience of getting an online appointment:

    Main Requirement: Patience

    1. Get two different browsers like Internet explorer and google chrome
    2. Logon to website at 5.50 PM in both the browsers
    3. Goto search page of appointment, select the PSK and be ready (Don’t click the search / book appointment button, sorry I don’t remember what was the button exactly called :-p )
    4. Now click the button at 6.03 PM, if no appointments are available, keep trying for another 10 mins, you will hit the jackpot.
    5. If you are unsuccessful in getting appointment. Follow the steps 1 to 3 for next few days. Good luck!

  56. Hi Ajit, I need your advice pls. I have submitted online passport (reissue) for my wife for adding spouse name in passport through her login id. We didnt get appointment even though I tried from 6 pm to 8 pm non stop from two computers. Now I have for my wife’s application Annexure F(from Deputy sec of Heavy Industry) + 1 year SBI bank passbook of hers+Her Voter ID+Her old passport with the same address where we live in for more than 1 year till now. Now as we have submitted online tatkaal but didnt get appointment ,can my wife just apply in person for tatkaal with fresh passport application and walk in to nearest PSK ? . If this is not possible and only way is click click like every day 6 pm and try my luck then can I pay Agent to get just appointment (may be they employ many to click?) …Please help as I need her passport for applying passport for my baby (1 yr) as with both parents passport it is easy to get for the baby passport in tatkaal.

    1. hey jey,

      what u have faced is nothing. I have been trying every day 6 pm sharp from 2 different computers and 2 different web browsers. All i get is the message to try 2morrow at 6 pm. once i was lucky just to c the appoint page, the my bad luck …by the time clicked the appointment the page again showed the same thing. I have been trying tis since last 4 months. my parents are senior citizens and they wanted to go to Haj. After seeing my struggle my parents told me that they dont want to go to haj. They and my self have lost. I hav dropped the plan to get the passport. The only this myself and my parents pray is that next tine we bettr be bron is some good country like USA, where they care for citizens. I feel sad..they cant go to haj….if u need more info feel free to call me any time…

      Irfan (M)9916570555

    2. I got it I got it I got it .here is the technique. Login from two computers (preferably to improve your chances with a friend’s support) and login at 5.58 pm .get to appointment page and keep entering picture display word and click appointment. you will get on top “please try after 6 pm on this date blah blah in red font” .Your concentration should to enter again picture display word giving no time for any gap (probably others get in through that gap) .You tell yourself until your eye sees a different page with appointment slots with 3 or 4 choices keep retry .Now once you see appoint slots with radio button and picture password again within no time click any radio button .Please dont enter picture password first at any cost as tcs software selects those who choose time slot (first in first get) .Now enter picture password (always keep caps lock on) and enter select. YOu would get your appointment at around 6.02 pm. There is no point in trying after 6.03 pm if your fingers are not that fast on a given day .hence practice the next day again… I did get appointment again for my baby passport in the next day . In 8 days exact I got my wife passport in taktaal and gave 100rs to the post man. I am so confident now that I can even help somebody in dire need just clicking game..I would recommend if you have kids who are good in video games to attempt as their reflexes are too good.

  57. 12.2.2012
    I had most pleasent experience at the PSK Sahibabad ( Delhi-1). Here, they let one person accompny the applicant In my case it was my mother. Very sppedy process for normal re-issue, we were out in less than an hour with post verification. Passport came in 10 days.
    Very professional staff.
    Great work Mr S M Krishna !!!


  59. Hello All,
    I am the one unlucky guy on earth who waited for passport for 8 months but when it came i just shifted to new house.
    I applied in June 2011 and moved from the house in 28Jan2012 however the passport arrived on 29th and postman returned it to the Passport office again.
    is anyone have any idea what to do now or how can i get back?
    Please mail me at

  60. I’ve been trying to get an online appointment EVERY DAY for 2 MONTHS for PSK Gurgaon !!!! Sharp 6 pm I login ….. To get the same message…. “try 6 pm on so and so date”
    Have written email complaints… Spoken to call centre chaps…all to no avail.
    We are blessed to have the most inefficient corrupt and useless government in the whole world.

  61. Hi Guys , Yes it works .

    You need to try on two pc’s in parallel & Key is to start atleast 4 minutes ahead when the window is opened .

    It works & you will get it 🙂

  62. Hi,
    last year i already applied for passport in Ernakulam division ,but at the time of police verification i was not there .ineed passport very urgent .can i apply in online service.
    please tell me the further procedures

  63. Hey Umesh…I tried what you told but still within 5 seconds all the slot were gone…Btw in how many days you got your appointment?

  64. About getting an appointment with Passport Seva Kendra online:
    Try on a 4mbps internet connection or higher speed connection on two browsers simultaneously. Don’t hit back or refresh. And don’t click twice. If there’s an error, just login again and try. But keep the process running on two browsers until you’ve gotten confirmation on any one. Also, login in exactly at 6. Not before.

    I have a good 2mbps connection but couldn’t get an appt for a few days. Managed to get it at a neighbourhood printer guy’s shop at 4mbps speed. Or maybe it was my firewall, who knows.

  65. I appreciate the tips posted by all of you in this forum.
    Two question I have
    1. When to login? Someone says dont login before 6pm (or login exactly 6pm) and someone else says login 15 min. before and select PSK and wait and click a few seconds after 6 pm.
    2. Is it allowed to login same user from multiple computers? or should we register as different user and submit another application for same applicant ?

  66. 6.02 pm is the exact slot opening time and either you get it or some one else gets it .No point in trying after that on that day if you missed it. Its a race and hence faster fingers first means either you practice from 5.55 pm or at 6 pm and keep entering picture password word again and again with retry until you see appointment page.Even now game not over.Click the radio button for timeslot and then if you get the booking message then its done.

  67. Renewal of Passport – PSK Marathahalli..

    Posting this as the blogs / reviews from different users helped me get my passport renewed.
    I usually go through a lot of blogs / reviews before I walk up to any Govt office to help me understand the Do’s and Dont’s. Not always 100% but can definitely be of some help.
    Firstly – For Address Proof I feel voters Id is something that we all should have. We may not be from Bangalore but we can definitely get our voters id from our natives and have it registed to the current address and 1 yr rent agreement sufficed (in 2009) not sure how it is now. Voters id not only help you for address proof but also allows you to express your fundemental right and which I feel all of us must. VOTE.
    OK now with the PSK appointment and experience –

    Once documents uploaded try and log in around 5:57 pm and then move on to the schedule appointment page by 6:02 pm. Choose the afternoon slots (that is what i did and got it within 2 days after I uploaded the documents)
    – idea from one of the members here.

    PSK appointment was at 2:00 pm arrival time 1:30 pm but I reached early , by 12:00 noon as lots of my frens advised the queues are long…etc etc..
    However on reaching the center was advised the queue will start only at 1:00. No Laptops allowed inside.
    Around 12:55 people statred the queue and I could see some trying to jump the queue either because they felt they had appointments / were different from the people standing in the queue and had no patience what so ever.
    The security guards did a good job sending them away to the queue but I could see some being really persistent to break the queue.Advise everybody is there to get their work done so please follow the rules..
    Once inside a token is assigned but there is a standing queue again and it’s pretty messy.
    However once you get the token and enter the system is well set up.
    You have token numbers being displayed against the counters that you need to go to and someone shouting your numbers and also guiding you.
    Note= If you miss when your number is being called out you need to get a new token. So please be on the alert.

    By 4:00 pm I was out with the acknowledgement.Don’t forget to collect the acknowledgement forma at the exit.

    1. Thank you all for sharing your feedback and what worked for you with respect to appointments. Ideally, the Passport website or MoS should have had a discussion forum like this or better. But then they would have got trashed and spammed there by angry citizens 🙂

      I am glad that at least a few people are able to successfully get PSK appointments using the method that some commenters have shared here. Keep sharing your ideas that worked!

      Good luck…

  68. What a pathetic way to get an appointment… The appointments should be sequential. Every entry should be ranked and given an appointment sequentially.

  69. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Myself BUSHRA ANJUM. From passport office GULBARGA KARNATAKA STATE I have applied for the fresh passport .
    the status cannot be checked online as the website shows no record in database.Police verification still not received.

    details as below:

    Application No: GXX7704
    DOB : 14/03/1989
    Applicant Name : BUSHRA ANJUM
    CONTACT NO : +91XX01781533
    E-MAIL ID :

    Kindly expedite the process and update the status

    Regards & Thanks,
    bushra anjum

  70. sir,
    i got my passport issued on 22nd nov, there is a small error in it.there is a space in my husbands name,instead of it being continuous.can u plz suggest me the way of getting it rectified.
    i dont have the login id and password,have misplaced it.
    plz reply me at the earliest.,sir.

  71. respected sir or madam; i am MOHAMMED ABDULLAH TAMEEM ANSARI s/o MOHAMMED HAKEEK. sir my problem is i m received a slot on 5/12/2012 and i attended as per the time but it was terminated due to small mistake in my enrosment. what is my next procedure? will you u please help me? and the slot was allotted by broker to me. my phone number is 9030517895, 8977723415

  72. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for passport for my one month old baby in PSK Hubli(Karnataka). My wife and baby are in India and I will be in India till mid of May. When I try to book an appointment I am getting a date beyond May. I heard infants dont need appointment. Can any one please confirm.

    Also please confirm if baby’s presence is mandatory for passport application?

  73. I applied for PCC in PSK office of my home town (Lucknow) from where my Passport is issued. I am working in Mumbai since 5 years. I planned to go to lucknow to attend the appointments but missed it on all 3 occasions.
    DO I need to file a new application online, or if I go PSK office in Lucknow on my next trip, I can show them my last appointment receipt and get the work done???

  74. I had to re-schedule my first 2 appointments and later was unable to attend the third appointment in psk office. Now do I need to book a new appointment only to get the chance to go to psk office?

  75. Ajit, good to read through the information you have posted. I am actually stuck in getting Tatkal appointment in any of the PSK in Bangalore. Everyday I try and it says not available. Is there any other way to get the appointment? I really need my passport renewed at the earliest.
    any suggestions? Are there agents who do this appointment booking?

    Ravi Kumar

  76. Hi,
    i attended the psk appointment at A department,On B I was asked for birth certificate.There was a mistake in birth place while sybmiiting form.I had written lucknow instaed of kanpur.Can i change the birth place at ‘B’deapartment with correct birth[place certificate which is isnline with kanpur.

  77. I am very glad to inform that i got renewed my damaged passport very quickly which will help me to plan again for European tour.I submitted my application for verification of documents on 24.06.2015 and received the message that the passport is delivered by speed post on 27.06.2015.
    I would like to congratulate the whole staff of Passport Seva kendra Lalbagh- B’lore for the systematic, honest and fast with helping attitude service.
    We had a trip planned on 16.06.15 to 29.06.2015 through Yatra, B’lore. Half of the total money was paid with the submission of necessary documents with 15day CML leave sanctioned letter, recent photos and passport in good condition but I got shocked when my trip to European country was found cancelled due to the Passport damaged while transaction by Yatra dot com there by loss of money, time, leave and energy of the traveling customer.
    I request the traveling agency not to trouble the traveling customers by damaging Passports. Please handle passports very carefully.

  78. Hi sir,

    Myself jhansi,I am facing issues in Bangalore passport office,this is the fourth time I went to regional passport,I got some issues as mismatch of father name and village name,I went previously on this they have requested to produce notary from layer,as they said I took notary,this I went to different counter,he didn’t accept my notary as well he asked me to bring new DOB Certificate,which DOB Certificate now I have that is genuine and I have done with all verification,but why they are asking me to produce new certificate??and each counter is saying different reasons and whatever that person say this counter person is not accepting,is they are following Government Rules or doing on their own?each and every time they are saying different words and not providing complete details at a time. please help on this.

  79. i have a confusion regarding my document
    in my voter id address’s street name spelling wrong printed
    ( partap gali is print in the place of pratap gali)in hindi address is correct
    is it any issue?

  80. Hi,

    My son name is P.V.Yaazhvan.(initial P.V)

    Is that any mandatory to explain for surname in passport application,AS they asked me, you have to fill it up with surname with expansion of P.V

    But Names are taken like

    Given name – Yaazhvan

    Surname – Palanisamy Velvizhi

    I have asked like first name – Yaazhvan

    sur name – Palanisamy

    But they said, not possible and spoken like rude manner.

    Please guide on this urgent.

    Thanks in Advance

  81. sir i had forgetten my brothers son(minor)02 years slot booked password and login id and that file has been put on hold due to birth certificate correction after two months i went to passport office they told that reshedule the slot and come but i had forgetten my slot id and password what i have to do

  82. while passport online booking the travel who book in online of my mother he done a small mistake taking month as april instead of january,can this be rectified. and date is given for attend to passport office on 21.10.2015.

    MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE WAY SHE BEVERIDGE, BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENS KINDLY TAKE ACTION. OROFL will contact higher officer. Her arrogant talks recorded. Please take action Sir.

  84. I applied for a fresh passport and all of my documents was accepted successfully but i forgot to go on counter no- C.Now i noticed that my passport is on hold.So what i have to do..!!

  85. worst experience..pls plsss dnt go lalbagh psk staff are worst and behavior is not all good, they behave like we are slave.

    first day when i went for reissues of passport they said bank statement is not enough as i am out of Karnataka , so they want 2 address proof and in bank statement , bank manger sign and it was attested but they want self attested photo also.

    2nd day when i went with all proof they are telling self attested in photo for bank statement is not valid we want bank attested in ur photo..

    pathetic, horrible etc etc experience

    Had all the required documents but still ignored twice, Very Very worst attitude from the people there.

  86. A man operating counter no. C1 at PSK Jodhpur is illiterate and mannerless he even don’t have that much guts how to behave and treat with the PSK’s consumer. because of him only i got ECR in my passport. Such a pathetic man. Now i have to pay for his mistake. I request PSK Jodhpur to take some action against him.

  87. Token codes
    N for normal
    s for special below 4 years and their parents and sr citizen
    T for tatkal
    P for PCC
    O for return on same date
    W for walk in(not used anymore)

    Some of the govt officers are good but some are there which are only 10 pass? They only got this position because of political support

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