South Africa – All set to become Number One

I just finished watching the third ODI between South Africa and Australia. These South Africans are really up to something and it was a display of pure prowess and power during this series! I can see the way they are turning out to be such a big fighting side having a good blend of experience and youth!

Despite Smith‘s absence Botha is doing an excellent job of leading the side and he’s setting examples every now and then with good catches, fielding, bowling and patient batting when he has to hold the side together. Albie Morkel, is turning out to be a major ODI all-rounder. If Gibbs is there to exploit the opening power-plays, Albie seems to be mastering how to power away to winning positions by leaving the opposition clueless during the batting team’s power play option.

If things continue the way it’s happening now for South Africa, they are sure to be at Number #1 at all forms of the game soon!

As for Australia, they need to really prove that their confidence is not fully lost!