Ajith Prasad Edassery is a retired Software professional from Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India. He has been into online writing and publishing since 1998 and has created several websites and blogs since then. This blog is an attempt to express his views on certain topics such as food, cooking, cricket, household tips& tricks, politics, technology, cars, investments & personal finance, and issues of social relevance in the Indian context.
ajith-prasad-edasseryAjith is married and his wife Vidya. They have two beautiful children – Aditya and Atul.

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Ajith can be reached via the contact form provided here on this blog. I try my best to reply to all personal emails that receive within two days. You may also connect to him via his facebook (deactivated for now), Twitter @edassery, or Google Plus profiles. Please note that I take forced breaks from Social Media at times and hence one or more of these profiles may be deactivated from time to time

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